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05 April 2011 @ 11:46 am

Title: Crush
Author: [info]janna_hawkins 
Summary: "Oh, very mature. I suggest something and you try to drown me."
Characters: Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid
Disclaimer: I own nothing related to HTTYD except the first seven books, and a bunch of action figures
Author Notes: This came from a prompt by [info]alabaster_demon over on [info]train_dragon . "Toothless (in dragon form, please) gets an innocent 'crush' on Astrid." I couldn't resist trying it out :)


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05 April 2011 @ 12:19 pm

Title: Blast Off
Author: [info]janna_hawkins 
Summary: We used to be the best of Team Rocket. Now we're laughingstocks
Characters: Team Rocket
Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Pokemon except Platinum, HeartGold, two Pokeballs and my army of ghost types who will take over the world!
Author Notes: A little drabble that I started a while back and just finished a couple minutes ago. Written in Jessie, James and Meowth's POV


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