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14 March 2011 @ 04:01 pm
Shire Recollections ~ Lord of the Rings  

Title: Shire Recollections
Author: [info]janna_hawkins 
Summary: "Maybe by next Christmas we'll be home again"
Characters: Frodo, Sam, Gollum/Smeagol
Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Lord of the Rings except my hobbit action figures and books.
Author Notes: Day 9...Lord of the Rings. This can be either from the books or films, you decide. Hope you like it!



"Mister Frodo, did you know that it's almost Christmas?"

"Really, Sam? It's already that near?" the other hobbit replied as he picked his way over an especially slippery rock.

"I was surprised too but it's true. Back home they'll be baking piles of food and making gifts..."

"Singing songs at the tavern..."

"Kissing under the mistletoe..."

"Silly hobbits are not walking fast!"

"Shut it, you. You've probably never ever had a Christmas."

"Of course we has. Long, long time ago we had Christmases, Precious. Tables full of food and presents presents presents! Sméagol loved Christmas."

"You remember that, Sméagol?"

"Silly, Master, of course we remembers that. Was a good time...before Precious."

"I'm sorry. The Ring has done so many horrible things."

Suddenly a loud shriek pierced the air, causing all three to throw themselves to the ground as a dark shadow passed overhead, heading eastward. Once it had disappeared, Frodo pulled himself up and sighed as Gollum scurried ahead.

"Well, Sam, on we go again."

"Right, Mister Frodo. Maybe by next Christmas we'll be home again."

"I hope so, Sam. I really hope so."