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14 March 2011 @ 04:04 pm
Christmas Knight ~ Knight Rider  

Title: Christmas Knight
Author: [info]janna_hawkins 
Summary: "The problem, Michael, is that I know you too well."
Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Knight Rider except for the DVD sets but I really want KITT
Characters: Michael Knight, KITT
Author Notes: Day 11...Knight Rider. I just love this show so much...who wouldn't want a talking car who can drive itself? And come on...you know Michael would want to put mistletoe in KITT when the holidays came around! Hope you like!



"Michael, I really don't like this idea."

"Come on, KITT, where's your holiday spirit?"

"I have plenty of holiday spirit, Michael. I just don't feel that I can add to the holiday cheer with mistletoe on my rearview mirror. I suspect that you want to put it there for selfish reasons."

"Buddy, I'm shocked. Don't you know me better than that?"

"The problem, Michael, is that I know you too well."

"Fine, you caught me. I want the mistletoe in there so I can kiss girls when we rescue them. Happy now?"

"Yes, Michael. You may not drive in me until after the holidays."