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14 March 2011 @ 04:06 pm
A Doubled Holiday ~ Doctor Who  

Title: A Doubled Holiday
Author: [info]janna_hawkins 
Summary: "I'm no expert but this doesn't look like London."
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler
Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Doctor Who except my psychic paper, sonic screwdriver and sonic pen :)
Author Notes: Day 12...Doctor Who with the Tenth Doctor and Rose. I knew I had to write something with these two for [info]danaems  who is obsessed with David Tennant so I figured, why not make it timey-wimey while I was at it? So, Merry Christmas, Danae. Hope you enjoy(This will really make no sense to you unless you've seen "The Next Doctor." Trust me, don't even try to figure it out...it's pretty headache-inducing :/)



"I really don't think this is a good idea, Rose."

"Come on, Doctor. For me? Mum promised not to slap you."


"And she's making that special tea you like so much."

"What are we waiting for? London, here we come!"


"I'm no expert but this doesn't look like London."

"Sure it does...just not the London of your day."

"How many years are we off by this time?"

"Er...a couple hundred years give or take?"


"Oh don't worry; I'm sure there's something fun to do here!"

"Like take out that huge robot that's stomping over the city?"

"Huge robot? Rose, have you been into the...oh what do you know. A huge robot."

"So how do you suggest we stop it?"

"Erm, I really have no idea. As a matter of fact it looks like someone is already dealing with it. See that large balloon there?"

"The one being flown by the man who looks like...oh no."

"Oh no is right. Back in the TARDIS!"


High in his balloon, watching the giant Cyberman disappear into the Vortex, the Doctor sighed as a new memory appeared in his mind. "Will I ever learn?"