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05 April 2011 @ 12:19 pm
Blast Off ~ Pokemon  

Title: Blast Off
Author: [info]janna_hawkins 
Summary: We used to be the best of Team Rocket. Now we're laughingstocks
Characters: Team Rocket
Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Pokemon except Platinum, HeartGold, two Pokeballs and my army of ghost types who will take over the world!
Author Notes: A little drabble that I started a while back and just finished a couple minutes ago. Written in Jessie, James and Meowth's POV



Well this feels familiar

Flying through the air, a little singed and really annoyed

Hearing the twerps below, congratulating Pikachu on another Thunderbolt

Our plans messed up again by that little yellow mouse

When did it all go wrong?

We used to be the best of Team Rocket

Now we're laughingstocks

Years of trying and we still can't catch that one Pokemon

Maybe we should try another profession?

One where we could actually succeed

Jessie's good at contests

James would be a perfect breeder

And Meowth loves making noodles

Maybe we'll eventually do something worthwhile

Oh look here's the ground